Welding Accidents

Houston City Welding Accident Lawyer

Injured in a welding accident while working on a construction site?

Our legal team at RJ Alexander Law PLLC represents the injured in welding accidents and other types of construction accidents. There are many serious injuries that welders experience, including UV and IR radiation exposure destroying the health of the worker, as well as severe burns, internal injuries, eye injuries including retinal tears and blindness from flying particles, slag burns, exposure to UV radiation or to dangerous and irritating fumes and chemicals.

Eye Injuries, Burns, Toxic Exposure, and Other Welding Accidents in Houston

Whether your case involves arc welding, laser welding or torch welding, you have been as high risk of exposure to radiation as well as the possibility of severe and disfiguring burns. Injured in a welding accident in Houston? Call our professionals and speak with us before you discuss you case with any any other person or insurance company. We protect the rights and interests of our clients in construction accidents, and we are zealous advocates for those we serve.  If you are the victims of a welding accident, or your loved one has suffered from such an injury, whether a sudden accident or as the result of long term exposure, contact our firm for assistance.

Our services are provided in a contingency fee basis, and if we don’t win, you will not owe our firm legal fees. This allows you to have professional legal representation without any necessity to pay our firm unless we are successful. Our legal team is made up of the top professionals in the field. We should evaluate your injury claim at once. There could be several parties that hold liability. A full analysis of the situation must be undertaken to determine how to press forward and pursue full compensation.

Contact us today for professional representation for a welding accident case in Houston.

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