Run-Over By Operating Equipment

Run Over by Operating Equipment in Houston?

Information about Run-Over Accidents

Amidst the intense level of activity and noise and the large variety of people, tools, and machines present in a construction site, terrible accidents can sometimes occur. Tragically, it can happen that an individual on a site is run over by operating equipment, usually causing gross injuries or death. Severe internal injuries, spinal injuries resulting in full or partial paralysis, or brain damage are not uncommon effects of these incidents. Victims may also suffer lost limbs or permanent disfigurement. If you or a loved one has suffered such an accident, contact a Houston construction accident lawyer immediately after arranging emergency medical treatment.

Construction Accident Attorney in Houston

Often, these devastating events may have been prevented by stricter observance of official safety procedures. In some cases, an error with the operating equipment is to blame. It is vital to ascertain exactly what caused the accident so that your legal right to file suit against particular parties is clarified. It is important to contact RJ Alexander Law PLLC as soon as possible so that we may begin our investigation into your case right away. The investigators on our staff will procure any information, testimonies, or evidence which may assist in your compensation claim and this must be done before the opportunity is lost.

The firm is established in Houston, Texas and our Houston construction accident attorneys are intimately familiar with how to defend the rights of construction accident victims. The wealth of knowledge and expertise we have accumulated in our successful history allows us to act decisively and energetically in approaching your case. We will pursue the maximum compensation available to you. Call today to find out how we can assist you: (832) 458-1756.

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