Nail Gun Accidents

Nail Gun Accident Lawyer in Houston

Injured when a nail gun failed? Call the Houston Construction Accident Attorney RJ Alexander Law PLLC

A nail gun makes a construction worker’s far easier, but when the gun falls, the results can be deadly. As a construction worker, you are protected by consumer law. The company that manufactured the unit, imported it, distributed it could all be held liable, based upon the facts in your case, There have been recalls for malfunctioning nailers manufactured by Ridgid due to laceration or injury hazard. These nail guns were recalled due to a danger of trigger malfunction. Coil Nailers by Hitachi Koki were recalled in an earlier year due to the nail ejecting sideways which posed a serious danger to any person nearby, whether a worker or passerby.

Nail Gun Injury Claims in Houston

Over the years, various nail guns have been recalled, but a manfacturing error could affect just one nail gun, or in a specific manufactured lot. The first step in a case involving serious injury or death is to contact RJ Alexander Law PLLC. The firm’s focus is strictly upon recovering full compensation in construction accident claims, and we have gained a reputation for getting results for our clients in serious injury cases.

We take on only a limited number of cases, so that we have sufficient time to devote to each injury claim. If you are the victim of a faulty or malfunctioning nail gun, we would like to evaluate your claim and advise you of the estimated value of the claim, as well as the predicted time it will require to get the matter resolved. Our services are provided on a contingency fee basis, and you don’t pay unless we win for you. When we take on a case we are confident that we can achieve a settlement or positive verdict.

Contact us today for representation in cases of serious injury due to a malfunctioning nail gun in Houston.

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