Ladder Accidents

Houston Ladder Accident Lawyers

Ladder Accidents on New York construction sites can result in broken bones, neck injuries, and even death.

Broken or unsteady ladders can lead to serious Houston construction injuries including spinal cord injuries, broken bones, neck injuries, paralysis, and even death. Often, when construction workers suffer such injuries in a ladder accident, the employer or third party can be held be accountable. Upon investigation, many Houston construction accident attorneys find that the condition of the ladder, as well as the safety of the construction site, is questionable.

Most construction workers who are injured in ladder accidents fall off the ladder when it collapses or is unsteady. A improperly designed, maintained, or used ladder can tip or collapse under the weight of the worker, causing him or her to fall. In order to limit the number of these accidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces several regulations regarding ladder use. For instance, OSHA requires that all damaged ladders should be tagged as “Dangerous. Do Not Use.” Other safety precautions for use include:

  • Ladders should be put on secure footing held in position.
  • Ladders used to reach a roof must extend at least three feet above the point of support
  • When climbing the ladder, the construction worker should always face the ladder
  • Short ladders should be never be spliced together to form a longer ladder
  • Ladders should be used in the horizontal position as a work platforms
  • The top of a stepladder should never be used as a step
  • Metal ladders should be used near electrical equipment
  • Ladders should be inspected regularly
  • Ladders should be kept in good condition

Unfortunately, some employers ignore these precautions, allowing their construction employees to work on a hazardous construction site.

Ladder Failure and Houston Injury Lawyers

If negligence is the cause of a construction worker’s ladder failure injuries, the victim may have ground to file an injury claim. An experienced Houston construction accident lawyer will investigate the construction site, the equipment in question, and the applicable laws and regulations to determine if negligence has occurred. If so, a Houston construction accident lawsuit could recover compensation for the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a ladder accident, fill out our free evaluation form.

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