Fires & Explosions

Houston Fires and Explosions Accidents Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Fires and Explosions Accidents in Houston

Have you suffered injury in a fire or explosion on a construction site?

There are many risks workers take when they are working in a construction site or a jobsite that requires them to work with chemicals or other flammable materials that can possibly combust and cause a fire or explosion. If you or loved one has become the victims of this type of construction accident, consulting with an experienced Houston construction accident lawyer can go far towards helping you obtain the compensation you may be entitled to for you injuries. It sis important to retain an attorney as soon as possible in order for us to begin our extensive investigation into the cause of the disaster. These types of incidents can be complex and have more than one negligent party responsible for the fire or explosion.

Have you been injured by a gas explosion?

Gas explosions can be especially deadly as any gas leak may be very hard to detect until the actual explosion occurs, thus increasing the magnitude of the accident. Even relatively small explosions can cause severe burns and other injuries, and larger explosions can easily claim lives or result in catastrophic injuries. Following such a tragic event, victims often require extensive medical treatment and surgeries, ongoing care and physically and emotionally trying rehabilitation. If you have been the victim of a gas explosion, a Houston construction accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and the pain you have suffered.

Houston Fires and Explosions Accidents Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

In certain instances, it may happen that an insurance adjuster approaches you to discuss the accident and possibly even offer you a settlement. Actually, they are trained to seek details which will justify the insurance company paying you as little as possible and to entice you to accept a payment which is likely well below what you deserve. It is therefore very important that you not engage in conversation with them but simply refer them to your Houston construction accident attorney. A legal professional knows what you are entitled to and can prevent you from being shortchanged.

Trust in a Houston Construction Accident Lawyer

With the help of RJ Alexander Law PLLC, you can feel confident that we will fight for you. Fire and explosions can lead to catastrophic injuries such as severe burns, leaving a person with a lifetime of pain and disfigurement. In order to obtain the type of settlement you deserve, let the Houston construction accident attorney work for you in pursuing recovery of damages for your medical are, future medical costs, loss of quality of life, lost earnings as well as pain and suffering.

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