Falling Objects & Site Debris Accidents

Houston Falling Objects Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Hit by Falling Objects or Debris on a Construction Site?

Why Falling Objects are a Serious Hazard for Construction Workers

Falling objects may sound like a relatively small issue, but they can actually result in severe injury and even death. An item as small as a bolt may cause a traumatic brain injury if it falls from a height that allows it to gain significant velocity. Large objects can cause damage even by falling a short distance. On a construction site, there are a lot of heavy and sharp materials present, and it can be extremely hazardous for workers. Lack of sufficient training, failure to uphold safety standards and failing to provide safety functioning equipment may all be considered in preparation for and during any claim. The liability of any third party can also be detected by a Houston construction accident lawyer. Where a defective product results in an accident involving falling objects, the manufacturer may be held liable.

Houston Falling Objects Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Dangers of Debris: Serious Injury Claims

Debris on job sites can harm workers in many situations and many ways. If there is a fire, a collapse, a gas explosion or compressor explosion, debris can be sent flying through the air at great velocity. It can contain shards of glass or heavy masses of material and travel with some velocity. Even less dramatic events can cause debris hazards – simply falling to secure or correctly handle material when working at a height can pose a great danger to those below. If you are hit by debris you may suffer severe cuts, disfigurement, brain damage, broken bones, internal injuries and more.

There is also the matter of toxins which can be released into the air in some situations where debris is present. Both during and after the event that spread debris through the site, these toxins can remain and wreak havoc on your health if you are exposed to them. These effects are not always apparent immediately, so it is vital that you record any health problems you begin to experience. Seek medical treatment and alert your Houston construction accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Houston Falling Objects Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Speak with a Construction Accident Lawyer in Houston Today

At RJ Alexander Law PLLC, we have have the dedication and resources to investigate the particulars of your construction accident so that we may determine the appropriate legal action. Even investigations that have to go back over a long period are energetically addressed by our skilled and tenacious team. Whether or not your accident falls under the protection of Texas labor laws, we will identify all possible sources of compensation and build a strong claim. Our finely tuned negotiation techniques often reap tremendous rewards, but where it better serves your case, we are ready to fight aggressively on your behalf at trial.

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