Crane Accidents

Houston Crane Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Both Houston construction workers and pedestrians are at risk for injury in the event of a crane accident.

Hundreds of construction workers suffer injuries due to crane accidents each year in the United States. Cranes are used on nearly every Houston construction site for lifting materials to the top levels of unfinished buildings, often hundreds of feet in the air. There are number of different types of cranes, and tower cranes, all of which can be the source of catastrophic accidents on construction sites. Crane accident injuries can be caused by several different factors, including falls, dropped loads, high winds, rigging failures, defective cranes, lifting device failures, crane contact with power lines, boom collapse, accidents during assembly and dismantling, and other hazards associated with construction at heights. When crashes collapse or tip over, the crane operator, construction workers at ground level, and pedestrians can all become Houston machinery accident victims.

Crane Accidents and Houston Injury Attorney – Houston Crane Accident Lawyer RJ Alexander Law PLLC

The dangers of cranes are well known, which is why there are specific regulations and safety procedures that must be followed when the machinery is operated. It is the duty of supervisors and contractors to ensure that employees are properly trained in the use of the machines and that work on the jobsite is conducted in a safe manner. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper storage of cranes is essential to their functioning properly. This is also the responsibility of those in charge of the construction site. If these duties were neglected, and a crane accident occurred, the victims may be able to recover compensation with the help of a Houston construction accident lawyer.

The Houston construction accident lawyer at RJ Alexander Law PLLC are familiar with Houston crane regulations and other relevant labor laws that can be applied to crane accident cases. Attorney Reshard Alexander is dedicated to helping victims of crane injuries obtain the financial compensation they need and deserve. For free legal advice, fill out the case evaluation form today.

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